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  • The timetable and second round of speakers for GAME FUTURE SUMMIT 2024, a large-scale offline conference event for the gaming industry to be held on June 5th, have been announced!

    " GAME FUTURE SUMMIT" is an in-person conference event specializing in marketing and production in the game industry, to be held on Wednesday, June 5th, 2024 at Shibuya Bellesalle First by Game8 Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Sawamura Shunsuke, hereinafter referred to as "Game8"), which operates the comprehensive game information site "Game8", and MOTTO Inc. (Headquarters: Nerima-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Sato Motoi, hereinafter referred to as "MOTTO"), which provides marketing services. We have announced the timetable and the second round of speakers for the event. We are planning to have over 50 industry professionals take to the stage, with over 20 sessions and an after-party. Participation is free, so please register and come along! ▼Special website & registration here ▼How to participate in the GAME FUTURE SUMMIT 2024 event Currently, over 500 people have registered to participate in the event. Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you would like to participate, please apply using the form below. ■ Introduction of the timetable for the day We have prepared a total of more than 20 programs. *The timetable is subject to change. *Coffee will be served from 12:00 on Stage A (basement 1). Please come early. Details of the content program on the day (titles omitted): ▼ Stage A (1st basement floor) 13:15-13:20 "Opening Ceremony" ·Speakers: Game8 Co., Ltd. Shunsuke Sawamura Motoi Sato, MOTTO Co., Ltd. 14:20-15:00 "Can Japanese smartphone games survive!?" ・Moderator: Game Producer Taira Nakamura Speaker: Takehiro Ando, DONUTS Inc. 15:00-15:10 "What are the data utilization strategies of Chinese game companies that are increasing their presence in the Japanese market? We will look at the success factors through concrete examples such as the case of "Habby", which has released hit games such as "Dada Survivor"." Speaker: Masayuki Tsuchikawa, Thinking Data Corporation 15:20-16:00 "Maximizing game revenue with hybrid monetization strategies using in-game purchases and advertising" ・Moderator: Yu Nakamura, Skyfall Co., Ltd. ·Speakers: Ryota Onodera, GOODROID Inc. Junichiro Shimada, AppLovin Fundoshi Parade Co., Ltd. Makoto Shiraishi Skyfall Co., Ltd. Yusuke Hosoda 16:00-16:05 "What is the monetization strategy that does not depend on user charges, realized by the market-leading advertising monetization platform "SKYFLAG"? ~ A user-first format improves the service experience and increases user satisfaction ~" Speaker: Yusuke Hosoda, Skyfall Inc. 16:05-16:10 "A 360° approach strategy to dramatically grow your gaming business" Speaker: Kengo Sato, AppLovin 16:30-17:10 "Leaders in the game and creative industries discuss the value of advertising creativity" ・Moderator: Yutaka Matsushita, AppsFlyer Japan Inc. ·Speakers: NextNinja Co., Ltd. and more 17:10-17:20 "AI Unravels Winning (Value) Creative Analysis by AppsFlyer" Speaker: Aki Maruo, AppsFlyer Japan Inc. 17:30-18:10 "Maybe you're not getting more users? How to deliver ads and evaluate them to increase your users" ・Moderator: Adways Inc. | UNICORN Inc. Sho Yamada ·Speakers: Applibot Inc. Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Kosuke Tabata 18:10-18:20 "UNICORN's efforts to steadily increase the number of users" Speaker: Keisuke Sudo, UNICORN Inc. ▼ Stage B (2nd floor) 13:20~14:00 "Post-COVID Dramatic Changes - The Future of Games in the Mobile/PC/VR Industries" ・Moderator: Entertainment Sociologist/Re entertainment Co., Ltd. Atsuo Nakayama ·Speakers: MyDearest Co., Ltd. Kento Kishigami Saito Daichi, WiseSerious Co., Ltd. Yostar Co., Ltd. Lee Hengda 14:00~14:10 "Over 250 services have been used! We will introduce the current state of Rooot, which continues to evolve, and what the future of X Promotion should be! Speaker: Yuki Nakajima, Drecom Co., Ltd. 14:20~15:00 "Casual Games Strike Back" ・Moderator: Yudai Hatasa, Tatsumaki Games Inc. ·Speakers: KLab Inc. Momofuku Sato Shohei Nagaoka, GOODROID Inc. and more 15:20~16:00 "Why can VTubers make games popular?" ~A pioneer of VTuber marketing talks about the conditions for success and failure~" ・Moderator: Motoi Sato, MOTTO Co., Ltd. ·Speakers: VTuber Tenkai Tsukasa ANYCOLOR Co., Ltd. Yusuke Maruta TheSwampman Co., Ltd. Yuji Yokota 16:00~16:10 "The Importance of Influencer Communities in Game Marketing" Speaker: Shingo Kurokawa, UUUM Co., Ltd. 16:30~17:00 "Marketing Strategy for the New Game Genre 'BCG' - The Future of Games from a Web3 Perspective" ・Moderator: Tetsuya Fujiwara, ForN Inc. ·Speakers: SHINSEKAI Technologies Co., Ltd. Kiichi Kato Septeni Incubate Co., Ltd. double Co., Ltd. Yukinori Matsutani Dentsu Group Inc. Yutaka Tsubota 17:10~17:20 "【AD Promotion】The secret of creativity to conquer the AI era" Speaker: Akihiro Sato, Mr.GAMEHIT (Maylab Co., Ltd.) 17:30~18:10 "Community Marketing from the Perspective of YouTubers and Streamers" ・Moderator: Toshiaki Waki, Side & Co. ·Speakers: YouTuber/Streamer Kentsumeshi GLOE Inc. Yuya Tanida Distribution Technology Research Center Koji Makino 18:10~18:20 "What is marketing that strikes a critical chord with your audience (tentative title)?" Speaker: Yuya Tanida, GLOE Inc. ▼C Stage (2nd floor) 14:20-15:00 "How to captivate Gen Z? A new era of game marketing led by young marketers" ・Moderator: Satoshi Hirose, FUSION Co., Ltd. ·Speakers: OASIZ Co., Ltd. Masaru Eto Septeni Global LLC Ayuro Tani and more 15:00-15:10 "Build a community! Introducing Parallel's high-quality ad experience used by 5 million people" Speaker: Parallel Corporation, Yutaka Aoki 15:20-16:00 "A talented community manager talks about how to engage with the community to ensure a title is loved for a long time" ・Moderator: Daisuke Kubo, NAVICUS Co., Ltd. ·Speakers Alim Co., Ltd. | gum Co., Ltd. Kaori Harada DeNA Co., Ltd. Ogura Nanashi Community Director/Event MC, Live Broadcast MC Cotton Taro 16:00~16:10 "10 secrets to creating a community for a long-lasting title" Speaker: Megumi Kuroki, NAVICUS 16:30~17:10 "What's next for a game marketer? - The value of game marketing experience learned by moving from the game industry to a different industry" ・Moderator: Yu Matsuhara, A'alda Japan Co., Ltd. ·Speakers: Kensuke Shibata, Qiita Corporation Coachette Co., Ltd. Hayashi Tateyama Hideyuki Murayama, IRIAM Corporation ▼Special website & registration here ■ Introduction of supporting companies For this event, we have received support and sponsorship from many companies who want to help make the event a success. ■ About GAME FUTURE SUMMIT The theme of "GAME FUTURE SUMMIT" is "Companies involved in the game industry think about the future," and the event will feature a wide range of cutting-edge topics, focusing on development, operations, and promotion. The content for the day will be designed around keywords for each session such as "marketing," "producing," "community," "promotional creative," "monetization," "payments," "analysis," "influencer," "streamer," "VTuber," "advertising evaluation," and "marketing careers." Purpose of the event ・Aiming to be a base for sharing results, initiatives, and know-how to promote innovation ・Create opportunities for young people active in the industry to speak ・Contribute to the development of the industry and create a community (= become a place for interaction and cooperation) We hope that this will be a useful reference for those working in the games industry and contribute to the development of the industry. Event Overview Event name: GAME FUTURE SUMMIT 2024 Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2024 13:00 start (doors open at 12:00) Venue: Bellesalle Shibuya First (2-20 Higashi 1-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, B1, 2F) Capacity: 500 people (planned) Participation fee: Free Program Overview (tentative) panel discussion presentation After party (food and drinks included) Special website URL: X (Twitter): The second round of speakers and details of the content are scheduled to be announced in early May. Information will be updated on the official website and social media accounts, so please check them out. >> For other inquiries click here <<

  • The GAME FUTURE SUMMIT 2024, a large-scale offline conference event for the game industry, will be held for the first time in Shibuya on Wednesday, June 5, 2024!

    Game8, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shunsuke Sawamura; hereinafter referred to as "Game8"), a company that operates the comprehensive game information website "Game8," and MOTTO, Inc. (Headquarters: Nerima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hajime Sato), a company that provides marketing services, will co-host the GAME FUTURE SUMMIT, a domestic game marketing conference event, on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, at the Bellsal Shibuya First. The event will be held entirely offline. Official Website: Background of the Event: About GAME FUTURE SUMMIT With the theme of "Enhancing the Future of the Game Industry Together," GAME FUTURE SUMMIT is a gathering for individuals involved in and contributing to the game industry. The event features a wide range of cutting-edge programs centered around game marketing and production. Event Objectives To share and accumulate the achievements, initiatives, and know-how of each company. To create opportunities for young members of the industry to present their ideas. To foster a community that contributes to the future development of the industry (i.e., to create a place for交流 and collaboration). We aim to create a valuable event for those working in the game industry and contribute to its development. Event Overview Event Name: GAME FUTURE SUMMIT 2024 Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2024 (Opening at 12:30 PM) Venue: Bellsal Shibuya First (B1, 2F, 2-20-20 Higashi 1-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) Capacity: 500 people (planned) Participation Fee: Free Program Outline (planned) Panel discussions Presentations After-party (with food and drinks) Official Website URL: Twitter: We will be updating the speakers and content information on a regular basis. *We are currently looking for sponsors for this event. If you are interested, please contact us using the following form. For other inquiries, please contact us here.

  • [New Service] We have launched "SAKURISA," a service that allows for quick, affordable, and easy research of market data that can be used in marketing strategies.

    We have initiated the provision of the new service "SAKURISA". It is a service that enables the rapid and cost-effective investigation of market data, including awareness, recognition routes, usage intentions, and market potential of your own services as well as those of competitors. Research can be conducted in as little as 10 business days, starting from 300,000 yen (excluding tax). To enhance the accuracy of marketing, it is very important to thoroughly check market data before planning. However, do you face challenges such as "research is too time-consuming and I'm too busy to handle it" or "it's hard to justify the effectiveness of research, making it difficult to allocate funds"? "SAKURISA" is a service designed to solve these issues by providing quick, affordable, and necessary marketing research. ✔️ Limited to useful surveys selected by experts with extensive experience in marketing strategy planning. ✔️ Pre-optimized research design and packaged questions eliminate the need for design from scratch. ✔️ Use only the necessary portion of SAKURISA's unique partnership with a survey panel of 3 million people. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact us. >>Contact Us Here<<

  • Interview: 3 Key Points for Successful Mobile Game Promotion in a Turbulent 2024!

    The mobile game industry in 2023 was a year of turmoil for the industry as a whole. While established games like Monster Strike (モンスト) and Puzzle & Dragons (パズドラ) and some overseas games continued to enjoy popularity, many other games failed to meet expectations. New games in particular struggled to gain traction, despite significant promotional efforts. This is evident in the sales ranking (セルラン) trends, which clearly show the challenges faced by these games. Some games have even been forced to shut down early, facing a harsh reality. What are the factors behind this phenomenon? We spoke with Hajime Sato, CEO of MOTTO, Inc., who has been involved in marketing since the dawn of mobile games and has provided consulting services to game companies for many years. We asked him about the direction of mobile game promotion in 2024, which is expected to be another year of headwinds. Read the full article

  • Participated in the event "gaming on TikTok "Playground" with AppsFlyer"

    ▼Click here for event report

  • Research Report: Survey on Japanese Gamers' Use of SNS and Community Services in 2023

    Awareness and Usage Rates of Major Community Services in Japan First, I will introduce the results of the "awareness and usage rates of major community services" surveyed among Japanese men and women aged 13 to 59, without narrowing down the target audience. Awareness and Usage Rates of Major Community Services in Japan First, "YouTube" and "LINE" have an active usage rate of about 80%, making them widely used community and information infrastructure services. Then, the active usage rates for "Instagram" and "X (Twitter)" are about 50%, followed by the still-growing "TikTok" with an active usage rate of about 30%, and "Facebook" with a slightly lower active usage rate of about 20%. The six services "YouTube," "LINE," "Instagram," "X (Twitter)," "TikTok," and "Facebook" can be referred to as Japan's six major community services, with an awareness rate of around 90%, meaning nearly everyone is familiar with them. Meta's "Threads," which was just released in July 2023, had an awareness rate of 42% and an active usage rate of 8.7%. This awareness rate, three months after its release, indicates rapid penetration. Increasing the number of active users seems to be a key point for the future. The notable "Discord" had an awareness rate of about 40%, a rate of having used it at about 20%, and an active usage rate of about 10%. "Discord" might be easier to visualize as being about half the size of "Facebook." For more detailed reports, please visit: This survey was conducted using "SAKURISA," a tool for quickly and affordably researching market data useful for marketing strategies. If you are interested, please contact us. SAKURISA can be found here:

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