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​Smartphone game industry
Marketing Chaos Map II

The domestic smartphone game market has grown into a market worth more than 1 trillion yen annually, and game developers from both Japan and abroad have entered the market, and the market is now reaching its maturity. In order to create hit titles and turn hit titles into long-term hits, effective marketing is becoming increasingly important, and methods are diversifying depending on the stage.

Many tools have been created to support the implementation of effective marketing, and we have created and published this chaos map in the hope that it will expand marketers' options and methods and further revitalize the market.

202007_Smartphone game industry chaos map II_1.8.jpg

We are looking forward to your feedback on Chaos Map.

This chaos map has been created independently, and we do not guarantee complete coverage or accuracy. If you would like to point out any omissions or publish them, please see below.Inquiry formOr please contact us at We also use the logos of various companies, but if you have any problems with their use, please contact us and we will take measures such as removing them.

Distribution of list of published solutions

Also, only for those who request it.List of solutions listed on Chaos MapWe are distributing. Please contact us using the form below.

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​Collaboration with MOTTO

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At MOTTO Co., Ltd., for game marketersSupport in selecting and implementing appropriate services and solutions for marketing issues, and to all solution companies.Collaboration such as solution sales strategy support and joint developmentWe are doing this. Please feel free to contact us.

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