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We empower people who strive.
and We spread the talents of people and the value of things.

Even with talent and hard work, some people don't shine.

Even with passion and action, some people go unrecognized.

But it's always the person who creates value and contributes to society.

We believe that the efforts and actions of the person

will be rewarded if they find the right opportunity.


MOTTO is a company that uses marketing to empower

the person by making it easy to use.


We will also "motto" expand the talents of people and the value of things.


Motoi Sato
​Motoi Sato
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After working at Drecom Co., Ltd. and Excite Co., Ltd.,Joined DeNA Co., Ltd. After joining the company, he was consistently responsible for mobile business marketing. When in charge of the smartphone game "Gyakuten Othellonia", he developed marketing using Japan's largest YouTuber. After serving as the head of the marketing department, he became independent in 2018 and mainly supported the planning and execution of marketing strategies for mobile games and apps.

In particular, he has been involved in the marketing of smartphone games for about 14 years, from the beginning to the present, and has experience in over 100 titles.

Minako Koga
Minako Koga
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Joined DeNA Co., Ltd. in 2017 after working at OPT Co., Ltd. (engaged in marketing work for manufacturers and entertainment companies as an account planner) and Perori Co., Ltd. At DeNA, he was in charge of marketing with CEO Sato in the marketing department using YouTubers, and then participated in a new IP launch project and served as the marketing manager for a certain popular IP title.


Joined MOTTO Co., Ltd. in November 2019.


​Business details

Marketing support business

We provide B2C and B2B marketing support mainly for smartphone games, apps, and entertainment businesses. We support business growth, from marketing strategy planning to implementation support and system building.

Rooot business

We provide fan marketing services using X/Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

​For more informationFrom hereplease confirm.

YouTuber marketing business

Focused on companies that have not yet used YouTubers for business and have not yet achieved results.We will support you to optimally utilize YouTubers for marketing and lead to business growth.

​Training/seminar business

We offer a variety of corporate training, performances, and seminars for marketers.Also, Japan's largest game marketing conference "GAME FUTURE SUMMITWe also operate ``.

​Content production business

​We are in the business of producing entertainment content.

We have strengths in games, music, and YouTube content.

​Solution development business

We develop marketing solutions in-house and jointly.

Smartphone game marketing chaos map
Game Marketing Archives


  • Major mobile game maker

  • Major console game manufacturer

  • Major internet service operating company

  • Mobile app management startup company

  • Video-related service operating company

MOTTO's business




​Newsletter registration


​Recruitment information

MOTTO inc. is looking for members to work with us.

・Marketing consultant

・In charge of new business related to YouTube

・Marketing solution development

​・Student Internship

​If you are interested, please contact us.Please contact us via each SNS

MOTTO atmosphere


Company name: MOTTO inc.

Established: April 2018


​Representative President: Motoi Sato


GrandKotake 404, 2-3-1 Kotakecho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176-0004


​Contact us

​Please contact us.


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