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Interview: 3 Key Points for Successful Mobile Game Promotion in a Turbulent 2024!

The mobile game industry in 2023 was a year of turmoil for the industry as a whole. While established games like Monster Strike (モンスト) and Puzzle & Dragons (パズドラ) and some overseas games continued to enjoy popularity, many other games failed to meet expectations.

New games in particular struggled to gain traction, despite significant promotional efforts. This is evident in the sales ranking (セルラン) trends, which clearly show the challenges faced by these games. Some games have even been forced to shut down early, facing a harsh reality.

What are the factors behind this phenomenon?

We spoke with Hajime Sato, CEO of MOTTO, Inc., who has been involved in marketing since the dawn of mobile games and has provided consulting services to game companies for many years. We asked him about the direction of mobile game promotion in 2024, which is expected to be another year of headwinds.

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